Light Lines was created in 2016 by artist Erica de los Reyes as  a company of hand-made goods that seeks to evoke beauty and creativity in the world through art. Drawing inspiration from the magic that surrounds lines or (light rays) of light that fill a room, Light Lines was created. 

Each illustration is thoughtfully designed with purpose to bring hope to any space it fills. With a modern and detailed aesthetic, the prints feature landscapes from her favorite cities, flowers that cary meaning in their name  & whimsical animals.

A desire to create has always been woven into the story of Erica's life since she was a young and even as an adult. Through Light Lines, she hopes that her illustrations will inspire you, bring life to your soul and move you to follow your own creative dreams. 

"Art is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others to make the world more "light" and beautiful". - Erica de los Reyes